End-User Models

Appibase has two types of end-users. There are the organization account users and the store customers.

User Model

The "User" data model represents the Appibase users, namely the owner, admin or member of an organization account. Each User can create an organization account or be invited to join an organization account, represented by the "Account" data model.

Since a User can be associated with many organization accounts and conversely an Account can have many associated users with varying roles, the relationship between the two data models is achieved via a third data model, the AccountUser, as follows:

Account user data models

Customer Model

The "Customer" data model represents the store users, namely the people who purchase products from your store, which is represented by the "Store" data model.

Both Customer and Store data models are tenant scoped models. In other words, they belong to the Account model, being the tenant, as follows:

Account customer data models