Appibase Documentation

Appibase is a multi-tenant e-commerce platform, providing the API layer for an online store, which takes care of the backend business logic.


Appibase provides two types of resource APIs:

  1. Storefront API: includes the endpoints needed for your storefront, to build custom shopping experiences.
  2. Admin API: includes the endpoints needed to integrate and manage the store by the seller / merchant.

Appibase also includes an Authorization API, OAuth API, responsible for providing the tokens required to access the protected resources.

API Design

Appibase follows an API-first approach in the way the APIs are designed and developed. The API schema is fully documented and maintained based on the OpenAPI Specification, which also serves as the basis for the API Reference documentation.

From a system architecture perspective, the Appibase API follows a resource-oriented architecture with predictable REST API URLs, making use of standard HTTP verbs, and response codes.

The API is also built on the JSON:API Specification in the way it accepts requests and returns responses in a JSON format.