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New updates and improvements to Appibase | Modern Commerce API

Seller Admin Dashboard

Appibase merchant users are now able to use our Seller Admin dashboard to manage the store's products catalogue and other aspects such as reviewing orders placed on the storefront 🛍

Whilst Appibase API provides all the relevant endpoints to create your bespoke admin app to manage an e-store e.g. adding products to the catalogue, we have developed the Seller Admin interface to make it easy to start using Appibase, by focusing on creating amazing customer experiences on the storefront e.g. using the Next.js Commerce integration 🔌 or other frontend of your own choosing.

Next.js Commerce storefront 🛍 integration 🔌

We are happy to announce that we have completed the initial version of the Next.js Commerce storefront integration as a Commerce Provider.

Our open-source Github repo can be found at appibase/commerce. This will allow Appibase users to build a Next.js storefront and deploying to Vercel in a few mins.

Please reach out to us via the Contact Us email to help you with the on-boarding and initial set up.
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